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Why can’t I not feel sorry for myself? Because I don’t believe in double negatives.
October 10, 2010, 9:25 pm
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I can’t feel sorry for myself because I’m loved.

I have friends who love and respect me.

My family supports me and I love them all, too.

But what of those people whose family shuns them? Should ignorance and hatred bar these people from love? NO! And I shout again with a voracious tenor voice, NO!

So if you ever find yourself with a  wrongful voice whispering in your ear that you are unworthy of love, that you are unworthy of anything but abject adulation…then you must turn yourself into the complete opposite and realize that you’re so worthy of this love that you’re going to kick the ever living shit out of the bastard trying to take it from you, and…wait a min. think i’m on to something else. Inspiration seems to have taken a track to retribution. FUCKING HELL.

Going to compose myself for a minute. Back after a brief bourbon. Or a brief Gin, as gin is easier to spell when one is completely into tequila. Love the Cuervo. Jose, you are a friend of mine.

Did I mention the time I met STEW? He was my one-eyed sailor friend. No? Remind me to tell you of him. It’s quite amusing. He actually liked me. Which is amusing. Not so much for STEW, (still not an anachronism for anything, it was his name.)

So this is my story, in not so many words. And nothing that my mother can burn in her misguided attempt at “saving me.” Because, I’m blogging, BIATCH! Can’t burn the internet! 🙂 Love ya, mom!

(BTW, my Dad’s a lawyer and this is his worst nightmare come true!)

Last thought. Hopefully not MY last thought, just the last one for the blog…Am having a birthday on Friday that is, for some, a milestone. I consider it another birthday which by any family account is NOT A BIG FUCKING DEAL. I fear that people will make this a BIG FUCKING DEAL and I won’t handle that well. Conversely, if my friends don’t pay special attention to me on Friday I will make it a BIG FUCKING DEAL. I’m a Libra that way. Regardless, I like this.  I like where I am in my life because I believe that I am where I should be. I truly believe that. Sorry, got sidetracked by Twitter. There are these hot guys that I’m following, and they may be tweeting me. STARS, tweeting me! Shit, I am special. And not because I heckle them! They really like me for me! 🙂

<disclaimer: I’m attempting wit, not delusion or insanity>