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Thursday or The Adam Code
May 19, 2007, 2:11 am
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We’re constantly getting in new items at the store. Most of it is very beautiful outdoor furniture, pots and plants. Some of it is “kitch” or accessory items. The other day we received such a shipment and in particular there were theses two “orbs” which are the size of basketballs and are covered in shells. They weigh close to 30 lbs. each and are not at all “kid-friendly.” I think they’re hideous.

Louis (a friend of the owner) came into the store today and I asked his opinion of the ‘shell’ decorations we’d gotten in. If he could’ve been honest he’d have said ‘They’re hideous! Run and hide the children, these orbs will kill us all!’ But as it stands he graciously said, “Well I am sure SOMEONE will buy them. They could go to one of those Kiawah homes. They love shells in Kiawah.”

Princess coined a new phrase of the ‘Myrtle Beach easiness’ in reference to not only the orbs but also to the wall sconces bejeweled in shells. 🙂

We’ve had another hot man sighting. To be sure there are a lot of good looking men that come into the store, most of them with their wives. Occasionally we’ll see the stray single guy there just to buy a present for a girlfriend or a ‘girlfriend’ but it’s when the Adonis walks in straight (or gaily forward) from the gym and saunters around the store that all the hens get their feathers ruffled. “ADAM Code 1, ADAM Code 1” can be heard squawking over the two-ways when such an auspicious occasion arises. Depending on who calls the hens to the yard any number of variety of our employees could show up to help this person. Say for instance I sound the alarm then all the boys come running. If Kay sounds the alarm, the only two straight guys come running. It’s a fun place to work!


Eating out
May 19, 2007, 1:57 am
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There are so many good restaurants here in Mount Pleasant and it sucks having to go to them alone. I had an offer, from a 54 year old man who liked my profile on a dating website, to take me to brunch on Sunday. I backed out when he got too pushy…that’s a sure sign that someone is too needy for me. Also, they usually turn into an obsessive psycho. Why do I keep trying?

I’m here to tell you that dating in ’07 is for the birds. The whole e-harmony,, yahoo personals thingys are a scam. Or are they? I keep hearing people who met online and have gotten married! Does that mean that they met each other online and married same said person? Or does it mean, as I suspect, they met someone online and then married their best friend. (Jane and Dick meet online. They go out on a date. Then Jane meets Dick’s best friend Pete, discovers he has more personality than Dick and they get married.) I know that’s oversimplifying things but I’m quickly gathering that the guys who “wink” at me are over the age of 40 and in need of a plaything while the guys that I “wink” at are under 40 and NOT INTERESTED IN ME!

I know he’s out there somewhere. I’ll just keep dating and gathering witty stories to amuse you with.