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New to this and a bit unsure…
April 19, 2007, 12:56 am
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It started off as an ordinary Wednesday. I woke up too early to leave for work and decided that it’d been too long since I’d had a bagel with cream cheese so I’d go to Bruegger’s and indulge. I’ve missed carbohydrates. I love the Adkin’s diet with all that meat and even more meat but I’ve missed bagels! I’ve missed the bagel ‘wit a schmeaaah’. So I got in line, at the drive-thru.

Side-bar: what’s up with the whole ‘thru’ phrasing? It’s a ‘Drive Through’ if you use proper english.

I got in line at the Drive-Thru and an officer of the Law pulled in behind me. I thought I’d done something wrong and expected the blue lights to start flashing at any moment. (Those of you who know me, will know that I am not kidding.) but contrary to most popular beliefs of the donut shops, cops like bagels.

I headed on into work after receiving my plain bagel with honey walnut cream cheese and large coffee ‘to go’. DUH!!! I’m in the ‘Drive-Thru’…where else would I go with it? IN? Around? Beyond? Wait… it’s coming to me, ‘Bagels In, Out and Beyond’ “Please pull around for your total.”

So I get to work and I surf the internet for about 4 hours. I’m looking for affordable housing on a-less-than-affordable-income-in-a-high-priced-market. I want it all and I want it NOW! It’s not happening. I need a winning lottery ticket. Then I’ll move downtown.

Update – 5/18/07

I’ve saved up 20 bucks for the lottery which is up to 53 million. It is going to be a beautiful day tomorrow here in the Lowcountry so I’m going to sleep in (9 am should do it) then put on my bathing suit, slather on the sunscreen, hit the Circle K for a Coke Zero, a bottle of water and 10 powerball numbers with the power play option! If nothing else, I could be chosen to play Plinko on TV. No, wait. It’s “Hi-Lo” or something like that. Well I know the game so well I should obviously win it!

Speaking of doing things that are out of character, I’m going to tattle on one of my friends. You see, my friends always used to laugh because I’d had these boring jobs where I could call in to the morning radio programs and either get myself on the air or I’d win a contest or two. Nothing ever really big, except when I won a stereo but I already had one so I gave it to Goodwill.  So it was nothing for one of my friends to be driving into work and say, “Hey, that sounds like Ash on the radio. Holy crap, it is her!” I even took this attempt at publicity and trying to become a pseudo-celebrity by sending a tape to Oprah and YES, I was on the Oprah show. For all of 15 seconds!

So on to my story, I get an email from one of my oldest friends. Not oldest because we’ve known each other for so long but oldest because HE’S OLD! (Love ya!) He knows I’m kidding. Anyway, he dropped the bomb on me that he was on a syndicated radio show telling a story from his teenage years and it actually won him the story of the day! He gets the grand prize of some DVD’s but the fact is…that’s so not like him! And I heard the podcast later – he was a natural. So what was this great story that won him the “Story of the Day Prize?” Well, I’m going to check and see if I can post a link to it here, of course with his permission as well. I don’t think I’m going to have any trouble because no one is reading this blog anyway. LOL